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  Whit Huntley 99ae5b393d
fixed about 6 days ago
  Whit Huntley 98934177b7
started k8s blog 1 week ago
  Whit Huntley 4706d95739 Oh I forgot my license. 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley bf01d86795 Merge branch 'hugo' of colm/whitsio into master 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 605b6b65ea
changed linkedin url 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 14d5cc3876
save 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 15abc22f63
save 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 24df7ecf43
save 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley f702c19ce4
Did hugo redo, need to polish. 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 87243949a8
removed vuepress-based website to prepare for hugo redo 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 7ef16fc663
save 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley f3bcbb8fff
spelling error 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley f27c980003
updated edu site and dropbox 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley 80efa4ff3f
save 1 month ago
  Whit Huntley fcac250b8d
Changed name 1 month ago
  Whit C Huntley db0e9a9396 save 2 months ago
  Whit C Huntley 6adc46a0bb save 2 months ago
  Whitman C Huntley 99b1092108 save 3 months ago
  Whit C Huntley 23bc82c66f save 3 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 9dbaa8c2ee git ignored. 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley a07488cd9b save 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 8322426fbe Added quasi-hidden resources page to give to people so they don't have to enter a dotfile cloud address. 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley fea3e299ab Wrote about docker stack for projects 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 2b30800e20 vscode testing 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 0aac836161 save 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 2ee933bf9f test 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 739d5c3964 added .vuepress 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 20e4ea3bd0 added vuepress doc 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 29e2a62d31 need to add vuepress dotdirs 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley 0a5d99154f what the hell? 10 months ago
  Whitman Huntley fb3e2180a3 completed site framework (mostly). Now write content. 1 year ago
  Whitman Huntley f98c843511 removed ds_store 1 year ago
  Whitman Huntley e25ac043b9 added skeleton 1 year ago
  Whitman Huntley e034c1024b
Added a license. 1 year ago
  Whitman Huntley 140b7edf06
Initial commit 1 year ago